Meet the Team

The KBI Group has strong leadership and an experienced Board of Directors.

We understand, when you’re choosing business partners for the future, you want to know about the people, our experience and our backgrounds.
Philip Benham KBI Group

Philip Benham

Non-Executive Chairman


Philip Benham is an experienced C-suite Executive, entrepreneur, and founder of successful businesses. He is credited with innovating and transforming a key category in the healthcare market.

Philip has the expertise and considerable experience in identifying, acquiring, integrating and selling complementary businesses. He is a team player, motivated by entrepreneurial values and led by corporate principles having worked with FTSE 100 companies, leading retailers, and international brands worldwide. His professional background includes start-ups, finance, logistics, sales, marketing, manufacturing and planning/executing business strategies to achieve objectives and long-term goals. His leadership skills, drive and ability have delivered growth to businesses and generated impressive investor returns in a career spanning 35 years.

Alex Pawley KBI Group

Alex Pawle

Group Chief Executive Officer


Alex Pawle is a graduate of Sciences-Po Paris and an experienced entrepreneur having started his first company at the age of 25 after a successful corporate career in M&A working for SG Hambros in the City.

In 2003 Alex founded Mot-Tech, a Paris-based business, and built it to a team of over 30 employees, based on the principle of continuous improvement. His vision and principles, also adopted by KBI, are based on systems, a business running like clockwork and unfailingly delivering excellence to customers. Alex sold his company to an MBO in 2019 and then joined Stephane Leduc to create the KBI Group and acquire manufacturing SMEs in the southeast of England. Alex is part of a strong team and provides valuable skills as a member of the KBI Group’s board.

Stephane Leduc KBI Group

Stephane Leduc

Director & Investor


Stephane Leduc is an experienced entrepreneur with a long history of investments in small to medium-sized businesses and ventures.

Stephane’s knowledge and experience, both corporate and entrepreneurial, in acquiring and running businesses are extensive making his contribution as a board member extremely valuable. In 2002, he founded a publishing group which grew to over £10m in sales and quickly became a leader in the publishing of works of nonfiction. After a successful exit in 2019, Stephane now focusses on investment in British business so shares his time between France and the UK. He is a key investor in the KBI Group which he and business partner Alex Pawle, founded to buy companies predominantly in the southeast of England. Stephane is key to the strategic development of the group and provides leadership and guidance to the main board.

Lee Huntley KBI Group

Lee Huntley

Non-Executive Director


Lee Huntley is a successful entrepreneur and the previous owner of Pegasus Precision with a varied career and over 30 years of international experience in Engineering innovation, design, and management.

Lee’s experience covers all aspects of mechanical and production engineering having started his career in medical instrumentation design where he led multifunctional engineering teams. His responsibilities and skills delivered successful business solutions, at all levels, and profitable results to entrepreneurial and commercial ventures. Lee’s success, talents and reputation at the highest level have led to board and non-Executive roles where his experience and advice contributes towards the corporate goals and strategic development of successful engineering businesses. Lee is a valued member of the KBI Group’s board and continues to provide strong leadership, solutions, valued advice, and guidance to his colleagues and teams.