KBI Group

The investment partner of choice for ambitious SMEs.

The KBI Group investment strategy is to identify British owned/managed businesses and transition them into strong, profitable, innovative and creative units, a part of a larger group structure with a long-term corporate goal. We are investors in people, structure, innovation and manufacturing with the focus on creating a global position as leaders in our areas of expertise.

Our business success depends on helping your business succeed. We’re not here to take over and dictate, or even, dismantle. We work with you to ensure your company is given the best opportunity to thrive. We merge entrepreneurial skills with corporate expectations, enabling our partners to achieve new levels of success.

Why We Do It

It’s simple; because we want to help British businesses grow, invest in British industry and help make British-made products the first choice across the world. We are proud to invest in British business.

We invest to give them the tools they need to reach their full potential. We recognise that the UK has some of the brightest and best entrepreneurs in the world. It is only by supporting and mentoring our talents that we can all thrive. That is why we provide funding, mentorship, and support at all levels to help our companies succeed.

  • Commitment: To you and your team, to growth and to the future.

  • Transparency: All cards on the table, right from the start!

  • Integrity: The right guidance coming from the right place with honesty.

  • Optimism: We believe together, we can achieve more!

  • Reliability: A guiding hand, a support network.

  • Respect: Earned, for each other and for what we’re all trying to achieve

How We Work With Our Partners

Stage 1

Meetings between owners and our Board

If the visions align, ours with yours, and a mutual agreement is reached, then we make a provisional offer for the business. This is made based on the belief we have the right elements to make that business even more successful.

Stage 2

Business & Financial Assessment

An audit of the business is conducted to determine the processes currently in place, to assess the viability of the business and what would need to be implemented to bring about the stated goals and targets. A full financial report is prepared and a valuation conducted along with the usual diligence.

Stage 3

Agreement to Partner

If all is agreed, we draw up and sign the agreement to bring your company under the wing of the KBI Group. Then, we start the transition process and implement plans for future growth and success.

The Next Steps…

Contact Us: If you are interested in talking to us and exploring options without commitment, then either call our Head Office or email us.

Call KBI: 01233 801890
Email us @KBI

When talking to us, be clear about what you would like your company to achieve and your personal expectations.
Tell us how the KBI Group can help with the future growth of your business.

KBI Group Young People Awards

Investing in Future Talent

KBI is committed to nurturing not only the talent in the workplace today but also the talent we’re going to need to keep the UK at the forefront of the world’s bright ideas and most successful manufacturing.

To play our part in this, we support the Apprenticeship Scheme. We’ve been recognised for investing in apprentices and have sponsored the Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony at Kent & Medway University.

We invest in young talent and in our people and have already placed many apprentices in our organisation.

To find out how we can help you, please contact the KBI Group HR department.