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Investing in British Business

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Who is the KBI Group?

We are a Private Equity group investing in local British business.

We do this by providing a safe, structured,  managed environment to thrive, innovate and grow autonomously as part of a larger group of companies. We transform and re-energise traditional/mature owner managed companies into motivated employee driven, profitable and successful business units protected under one “family” group structure.

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Investing in businesses to help them grow

Working with business owners for a smooth transition to a successful company.

We invest and acquire SME businesses and help them grow as part of a larger “family” group. We work with business owners ensuring a smooth transition enabling a company to grow under our guidance and with autonomy.

Our philosophy is simple: we provide the support, investment, management skills and confidence to help a business thrive. We listen to business owners’ ideas and goals and enable the business to achieve them through planning and a structured growth strategy.

We do not always expect a business owner to step aside. On the contrary, if a preference, we offer the opportunity for the owner to join our team and work with us to grow the business together.


We inspire and offer expertise to help!

We excel in transitioning owner-managed SMEs to the KBI employee-managed model. Over the course of a transition period, often just six months, we help your existing team to work cohesively to achieve the larger goals of the organisation. In doing so, it is absolutely critical to us we preserve the company’s reputation and retain its staff and customers. We believe the greatest asset of any business is its people.

Our expertise is in: Precision Engineering, Bespoke Fabrication, Medical and Scientific Instrumentation, New Product Development.

Key Ingredients for Business Success

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Viable Business & Financial Planning Documentation
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Clear Objectives & Goals
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Strong & Experienced Leadership
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Aggressive Sales & Marketing Strategies

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